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The GENIURIS law firm was born in 2017 as a project that includes a group of lawyers focused on the profession to defend the interests of their clients and their passion for the law.

In collaboration with the graphic design firm lostudi, they set up what is our differential element to this day. Our logo is centered on two triangles that represent the balance. These triangles keep their symbolism with the number 3, a key number in geometry and represents the trinity that is the result of the union between heaven and earth. These two triangles are linked by a chain, a zigzag line that symbolizes the structure of the human genome (DNA).

This union between DNA (Gene) and the balance (IURE) gives our office its name.

That same year 2017, we are committed to, in addition to maintaining our office in the city of Barcelona, ​​opening a delegation in Vilanova i la Geltrú, headquarters that, in this year 2021, continue to be maintained and where we serve our clients by appointment.



Contribute to improving human relations by protecting the interests of human persons


Recognition of a law firm that seeks and achieves excellence


Attention and identification of the problem

With the first visit, we will try to collect all the information in order to provide the best advice that helps the client make the best decision regarding their problem or conflict.

Custom sheets

In order to guarantee excellent customer service, all services and orders will be detailed in our order sheets, which you can sign from anywhere and anywhere.


At present we are continuously connected, for this reason we bet on technology, zero paper and we hold, at the client's taste, both face-to-face and virtual meetings.

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