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Consumer relationships are those in which a natural person and a company or businessman intervene . The fundamental pillar of this relationship is based on the fact that one of them (company or entrepreneur) acts within the framework of a business to sell a product or supply a service and the other (natural person) acquires said goods or services outside the framework. professional. In the field of consumer claims, we have experience both in claims in court and in alternative dispute resolution systems such as mediation or arbitration, reporting on them and recommending the use of them in the interest of the client. In this sense and within the scope of consumption we find the following situations:

  • Claims for a defective product

  • Claims for damages for poor service

  • Defense against undue claims from utility companies (water, electricity, gas, telephone)

  • Defense against claims from credit institutions (mortgage loans, personal loans)

  • Defense against claims derived from revolving or credit cards

  • Defense in the acquisition of goods and services acquired through online services

  • Claims before airlines, naval companies or tourism companies

  • Claims before insurance companies

  • Claims against medical or professional malpractice

  • Claims for damages derived from investment financial products

  • Claims against the inclusion of delinquency files (ASNEF, Equifax ...)

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